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Welcome to the Irvine No1 Celtic Sports Club website.

The Irvine No1 Celtic Sports Club is a private members club situated in the Bridgegate area of Irvine. It was founded in 1999 and opened in 2000 with the primary objective of providing a safe and comfortable environment in which the Celtic community in Ayrshire could meet and socialise together.

Tastefully decorated and furnished with two well-stocked bars, competitive bar prices, one giant screen, four plasma screens, and a fantastic collection of Celtic memorabilia on display, it is a very fitting home for the Celtic family in the area. The club screens every televised Celtic match and offers a wide range of high quality entertainment throughout the year.

This website aims to keep the membership better connected to the club and show those of you who haven't joined the club yet all the great things you are missing! Use the menus on the left to find all of the key information and keep an eye on the news flash on the right for any important announcements. We also add polls for a bit of fun and to encourage visitors to engage with the site. This one will only be open until the end of the month so get voting now!

The site was launched on St. Patrick's Day 2012 and is still a relatively new venture for us. We are always looking for members to provide us with some feedback. If you create an account with us you will then be able to log in as a registered user and leave your comments on any of the pages. If you prefer you can just e-mail your thoughts to instead. While we prioritised getting all of the key information onto the site in the first place, we are now improving and expanding it as time goes on and the views of members will be central to that process.

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News Flash


Saturday 23rd. September   Rangers v Celtic. Members are requested to note that access to the club on this day will be restricted to members only. This restriction will remain in place for the duration of the full day.

All members will be required to produce their membership card to gain entry to the club and all attendees will be issued with a green wrist band . This is to ensure only authorised people gain entry to the club. Any person not displaying a green wrist band will not be served at the bar.


Police Scotland will make frequent visits to the club on the day and it is important that the club is able to demonstrate to the relavent authorities that the club is taking a responsible and controlled approach for access to the club is being taken.





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